After 50 years in the lawn and garden equipment business, we know what brands and product lines provide the best value for our customers. We have dropped equipment lines in the past that don’t meet our quality standards or live up to the level of reliability we demand for our customers. Each lawn and garden product we carry is backed by a manufacturer dedicated to providing quality equipment, and we pass that mission on to you.

As a retired GM employee, Dan Bauer, Co-Owner of Deer Creek Sales, has extensive experience with machinery and equipment of all types. Over the past 25 years, he has hand picked each machine we carry, focusing on the strongest, best-built equipment that provides unmatched value and reliability for our customers. There is a reason why we only carry orange tractors around here. When you come to Deer Creek Sales, you won’t find a green and yellow tractor – and it’s not just because deer fear the orange during hunting season!

Here’s a little history lesson for you: Have you ever wondered why some manufacturer’s equipment is green and yellow? It’s so they can hide in the grass and dandelions when the orange tractors come through!

Still need some convincing? Give Dan a call – he’ll have you out the door on an orange tractor in no time, and we promise you will never look back!