At Deer Creek Sales, we understand that getting equipment repaired isn’t fun, but that it plays a vital role in helping your equipment stand the test of time. If your tractor needs repair or general maintenance, our repair and service team can get the job done right.

Our repair and service team is experienced and well-versed in all the the equipment that we carry. Whether it’s a Kubota tractor or a Woods attachment, we can get your lawn and garden equipment back to work as quickly as possible. With your guidance, our repair and service team will fix what’s broken, instead of racking up the repair bill fixing things that aren’t broken. Whether it’s a Kubota tractor, Husqvarna chainsaw, an older Ingersoll tractor, or even a lawn and garden piece of equipment we don’t carry, you can trust us to service your equipment quickly and efficiently.

It can be difficult getting your equipment to the repair shop. You can rely on our delivery team to help pick up your equipment when it needs repair, and return it after our team has completed the repair.

Our entire team is honest and upfront when working with you. Our owners, Dan and Sue, tell customers “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” We won’t fix something that isn’t broken and we have a full supply of parts available to help complete your repair without having to wait days for parts to arrive.


Do you enjoy fixing your equipment on your own? Our parts department will sell you only the parts you need to get the job done right the first time. When you need advice or have a question on a repair, you’ll be told the best advice and solution no matter what your situation is.

We have a large selection of parts available to help with any repair, large or small. Come speak to our Parts Manager, Lisa, in order to find the part you need!